Client Information:

Studiovcad does not sell or distribute customer lists to any third party. After making a purchase, your name/address/email address is added to my client information list for yearly tax purposes *smile*

Personalized Information for Custom:

Any and all photos or items sent via the postal service to Studiovcad for personalized/customized purposes will be returned to client upon the completion of the project. All photos sent via email will be deleted from my files upon completion of the project. I do retain photos of the completed artwork itself.

Computer Display:

Because computer monitors vary, our artwork images on your computer may differ in tones and hues and clarity of the real artwork itself. The inventory pictures were taken with a digital camera and uploaded at a low resolution of 72 dpi to prevent pirating. We have tried to upload clear pictures, although the computer does not do justice to the vibrant colors of the original art work. You may also see “copyright” wording across the artwork displayed. This is not on the originals. It is for computer display only.